Quoting Maharishi

Dissertation Guidelines

Quoting Maharishi

The university has adopted a number of guidelines for quoting and referencing statements made by Maharishi.

  • Reference principles from Maharishi Vedic Science to the source
    • Be clear to differentiate points that are from Maharishi, and those which are your own.
    • Expressions such as ”Maharishi has brought to light”, “Maharishi explains that”, “Maharishi notes” or “Maharishi has pointed out” are used as appropriate to the context.
  • Unique points are given in quotes
    • Points of knowledge fundamental to Maharishi Vedic Science are given in quotes to support the train of reasoning, using published sources.
    • Terms used in quotes are introduced and explained.
    • Quotes present a single point, and should not be too long.
    • Quotes are accurate – check against the original.
  • References to Maharishi in the text
    • Do not reference points from Maharishi as (Yogi, 2011). Rather use his full name (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 2011). This is done in Endnote by putting the comma after Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, in the Endnote entry.


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