Federal Work Study is available to US citizens and eligible non-citizens who qualify, based on financial need. The amount of Federal Work Study that each student qualifies for will be listed on the financial aid award letter. The amount is usually enough for about 5 hours of work a week throughout the academic year, or about $160 per month, from an award of $2,000 per academic year. This may vary according to the hourly pay for that position which ranges from $7.25/hour to $15/hour.
Finding a job
MUM offers jobs providing opportunities for growth in areas such as administration, community service, arts, sustainable living, recreation and sports, meditation supervision, information systems, digital media, library, bookstore, student activities, and other academic departments such as music and math. Work-study jobs are based on first come, first served availability and therefore are not guaranteed.

The Work-study Job Listings Page shows the department, salary, a brief job description and contact information for each position’s hiring manager. Jobs are also posted at the Human Resource Office, Room 105 in Henn Mansion.

Students who have financial aid awards are encouraged to look through the posted jobs either in Henn Mansion or on-line, and then come to the Human Resource Office in Henn Mansion to obtain the necessary forms before applying for a job.

The student may then contact the departments offering jobs, make an appointment for an interview, and if offered a position, the supervisor signs the top form of the financial aid packet. The student then returns to the Human Resource Office to complete the paperwork and receive a time sheet.

Starting work

Students CANNOT start working until they have submitted their completed paperwork to the Human Resource Office.
When the students come with their completed paperwork, they need to bring their bank information (voided check or deposit slip) and employment verification documents in accordance with I-9 form requirements, see I-9 Acceptable Documents.
Once the forms are filled out and then signed by the student and the supervisor, a pink copy is issued to the student to give to his supervisor to notify him/her that this student is eligible to start working. Job supervisors also evaluate work performance.

Time sheets

The Human Resource Office supplies the time sheets that each student submits to their supervisor by the last day of each month. Subsequently, time sheets are sent to the students’ emails every month at the beginning of the month. Students who do not have an email account will be required to get paper time sheets from the HR Office at Henn Mansion every month.

Time sheets are issued on a monthly basis and should be used exclusively for that month.
Under no circumstances should a student use an outdated time sheet or someone else’s time sheet.
Failure to submit time sheets in a timely manner may be grounds for termination from the program.
Time sheets are due in the payroll office no later than the first of the next month.

Earnings are paid by the twentieth of the following month.
For students who have a local bank account, the first check will be automatically deposited to their bank. For students who have an out of town bank, they will need to pick up the first check at the payroll office and subsequent checks will be directly deposited to their personal checking or savings account.
Students who do not have a bank account will need to come every month on or after the 20th of the following month to pick up their work-study checks. The payments earned from Federal Work Study are to be used for books, transportation, and personal expenses incurred as a result of your educational studies.
Students must monitor their earnings on a monthly basis to ensure that the total earnings during an academic year do not exceed the amount listed on the financial aid award letter.


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